Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: bareMinerals Ready SPF 20 Foundation

I picked up bareMinerals Ready SPF 20 Foundation with high hopes.  It claims to be hydrating and leave no visible trace of make up.  I was hoping this would be a less messy alternative to the loose powder.

Unfortunately, for me at least, this didn't live up to any of my hopes.  Well, except for it being the right shade for me.  I went to a boutique to get shade matched, and I'm glad I did.  My normal shade is Fairly Light, but Medium Beige is what I was matched with.  People were right to say go a couple shades darker than normal.

I tried this foundation with several different brushes and none of them got me where I wanted to go.  It was impossible for me to get a medium-sheer coverage like I can get with my loose powder.  Not only that, but as I tried to get the foundation on a brush it turned powdery and got EVERYWHERE.  It even managed to get on the outside of the compact!  Immediately disappointed.

Even after I brushed my face with the translucent setting powder it still looked and felt like I had caked make-up on my face.  My pores, especially on my nose, looked gigantic.  It smeared and brushed off very easily.

There was SO much hype about this.  People were upset about a pressed powder, the company said it's not what you think it is, ect, ect.  I'm very sad to say that it was exactly what people thought it would be... in my case, at least.

So, I am just going to stick with the loose powder; the reason why I came to this company in the first place.

I'm sorry Ready SPF 20 Foundation, I tried to love you! :(

afhoadfnoasfinsf.  Just the foundation, no blush/warmth/ect/ect.  I still managed a smile, though. :)

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