Saturday, October 6, 2012

Friday Freebies Haul 10/5

About a month ago I started signing up for freebies, and this week I finally got some!

I requested all these samples from their respective companies.

 Gucci smells good, but definitely not my kind of fragrance.

I really like the Scotch-Brite Botanical disinfecting wipes!  It smells like I grabbed a handful of herbs from a garden and started scrubbing the counter with them.  Not only that, but even though it's not a 'scrubby' cloth, it got the coffee and food spills off my counter with no problem. (I get a little excited while pouring my morning coffee, okay?)  I will most definitely be using the coupon they provided to buy myself a container of these.

I've tried Eucerin and it's one of my favorite lotions - not sure I've tried this specific variety of it, though.

So excited about these.  Hoping to get more this upcoming week. :)

3M gave me a free sample of scotch-bright botanical disinfectant wipes t to evaluate.


  1. Hooray for freebies! :) I have a few little sachets stashed away in a draw, think it's time I got them out! xo

    1. Yeah I'm super excited about getting freebies :)