Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Decorating

I've started~!  I'm so excited.  While my boyfriend went to pick up the kids I did a quick decorating job so they would be surprised when they got home.

I'm a little sad that my glow in the dark cobwebs don't actually glow in the dark, but what are you gonna do?

I cut out some pumpkin/skull/bat shapes from construction paper and drew faces on the smaller ones.  I'm going to have the oldest kid do some, too, and put them in the windows.  We have a couple other tinsel things to put up, probably in the tree.

I should probably put more cobwebs up too, maybe over that window. :)

Kevin says the cobwebs over the doorway are too low and he has to duck... but that's how I like them. :D


  1. I love that the cobwebs are low--just like the real ones that I sometimes go through--ugh!! Looks great. I've never seen glow in the dark cobwebs. I'll have to look since my kids would love that! x

    1. Thank you! Kevin still complains about having to duck, but he hasn't ripped them down so I guess he secretly likes them like that, too. ;)

      I've tried leaving the porch light on, ect, but I can't seem to get the cobwebs to glow nicely. I think it might work better as a black light set up, but the porch light is way too high for us to get to with the ladder we have. :(