Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review: Milani Brow Fix

I have always had bold eyebrows.  Thus, I've never given much thought to doing anything fancy to them besides plucking to keep them from turning into a caveman brown.

Milani had a Fall Into Beauty Giveaway on Twitter, and I happened to win something on one of the days!  I got their Brow Fix Brow Kit and Easybrow.  How cruel fate is - I guess it wouldn't hurt to give my eyebrows a little TLC, eh?

This is what I received in the mail!

I'll admit that before this giveaway I hadn't given much thought to Milani. I've seen the section in Target and no colors really popped out at me, so I didn't give it much more than a passing glance. :(  I've instantly already got a little love for this company because they had the forethought to include a  couple different color ranges!  This entire package, in my opinion, should cover most skin/hair tones, except for maybe ebony black hair if you're trying to fill in completely.

Next, I opened one f the Brow Fix Brow Kits.  it has a fancy little push-release button so I don't break my nails trying to get the damn thing open! (/swoon)

BAM!  The tools are firmly held in place, and if you lift the holder up there is a mirror!  Perfect travel kit.  Sponge applicator, angled brow brush, and tweezers.  The tools and mirror are a little tiny for my personal taste, but it's still handy to have along.

The tweezers - omg.  They grip amazingly.  Getting a hold of them, because they are about half the size of the normal tweezers that I use, was a little tough, but when I got it I was very, very happy.

Swatches --
Click For Bigger Image

Brow Fix Brow Kit 02 Medium
1. Hi-Lite
2. Brow 1
3. Brow 2

Brow Fix Brow Kit 01 Light
4. Hi-Lite
5. Brow 1
6. Brow 2

7. Dark Brown
8. Natural Taupe

02 Medium has a more golden hue to it.  01 Light is pinker for the Hi-Lite, and the brow colors are a little ashier.  02 Medium Brow 1 is my favorite for a natural look, but Brow 2 is a dramatic look.

The Natural Taupe pencil is my favorite.  I have a feeling it's supposed to be for people with lighter colored brows, but it sets a nice back drop for mine without looking harsh.  Dark Brown, like Brow 2, is super dramatic.  I love how these pencils have brow brushes attached to them.

This company makes outstanding brow products.  I don't have much to compare them to, but after receiving these products I don't need to try anything else. They are also super affordable!  At Target, the Brow Fix Brow Kit is $6.49 and the Easybrow is $4.99. (I'm pretty sure, at least)

These were won through a giveaway and not given to me through the company with any kind of review expected.

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