Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Take 1

Here I used the Wet N Wild Comfort Zone palette, the "night" side.  I used every color, but the define shade doesn't really show up.  I think it would look pretty on its own, so I'm going to try that out.

I used Maybelline Lash Stiletto and  Gel  Eyeliner.  I absolutely love these greens, but I don't think these colors are for an every day look.

On my lips I put Smashbox Lip Enhancing Mega Gloss - True Color, which I talked about in my last mail call post.  I really like how it looks on my lips.

I'm also loving my hair!  It's still a little frizzy, but it's not as poofy and it's definitely more manageable   The night before I took these, I tried Aussie's 3 minute  miracle for the first time.  I've heard so many rave reviews and, much to my boyfriend's dismay, bought some.  Very glad I did.  I am also growing my bangs back out since the cowlick in the middle of my forehead makes it tough to style them nicely on a regular basis.

My eyes are so hooded that if I'm doing anything besides looking down you can barely see most of my eye shadow.

Oh, and uhm.  Try to ignore the color of my living room.

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