Friday, January 4, 2013

My Christmas Cactus Bloomed!

I AM SO EXCITED. The flowers were already getting there when I (just) bought it, but this morning when I looked over at it, it was sticking its' tongue out at me!

I think these are so pretty and I have wanted at least one of my own since I saw my Grandma has some.  I remember the flowers being pretty but I apparently didn't remember exactly how they looked when fully open!

Christmas Cactus in Bloom
PLEASE click to enlarge!
So tropical and magnificent!  The bloom almost smells like a rose.  Here's a picture of it head on.  I thought these silly phone photos were so fancy. :P

Christmas Cactus in Bloom
Please click to enlarge this, too!
This definitely inspires me do to some watercolors and maybe even colored pencil drawings.  I took the pictures in effort to preserve the image for these purposes.

There are a bunch of little purple buds all over the place and I can't wait until they get bigger.  You can bet I'll post most pictures of them here. :)

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