Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What I got for Valentines Day.

A few days late, but this was so sweet and so beautiful I still want to share!

Kevin and I are not big Valentines Day people, but we still end up doing stuff for each other.  I made him a card and he picked me up some flowers!

And not just any flowers, because we both agree that cut flowers are a waste, but a planter with tea roses and ivy.

Valentines Day Planter with Tea Roses and Ivy

You can't see it in this picture, but he also scrounged up a couple smarties from the floor of his car and stuck them in the planter.  I love living plants, and he loves that I can keep them alive.  He truly does find me the best gifts.

He also got me a sweet little card and wrote his own message in it, but I'll keep that between us. ;)

Here are a couple close ups, just because I like taking pictures.

Valentines Tea Roses

Valentines Tea Roses


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