Monday, March 11, 2013

Glade Expressions

To me, a good smelling home is a sign of good housekeeping.  I'm not one of those obsessive, neurotic cleaners, but I like things picked up.  My house always looks lived in, which is fine with me, because that's the way houses should be.  Who wants to live in a museum?  One way to raise the livability factor is a pleasant smell.  Let's face it, with two kids, a cat and a man, a "lived in" smell might amount to cat food, dirty socks and old cereal.

Not very inviting.

I've always implemented various diffusers and plug-ins.  I've recently switched from Bath & Body Works to Glade, mostly for price reasons.  Then, much to my overwhelming joy, Bzzagent asked if I'd like to try out the new-ish Glade Expressions line.  Yes, please!

I received coupons for a free oil diffuser and a free fragrance mist, along with several coupons for dollars off the products.  The fragrance mist starter kit goes for about $3, and the refills are about $2 depending on where you go.  The oil diffusers are about $6, the refills $5.

Glade Espressions Mist and Oil Diffuser Pineapple Mangosteen Lavender Juniper Berry

On the left is Fuji Apple and Cardamon Spice, in the middle is Lavender and Juniper Berry, and on the right is Pineapple Mangosteen.  I have no clue what Cardamon or Mangosteen smell like on their own, but they seem to add a little kick to scents that would normally be indistinguishable from others.  I also plan on picking up their fourth scent, Cotton and Italian Mandarin, because I think the citrus will put a new twist on the boring clean laundry smell.

The fragrance mists have a nice exterior and barely look like misters at all, but some sort of modern art piece with a splash of color.  We usually keep room sprays in cabinets because of the kids so this isn't a big selling point to me, but they do look nice.  In the above picture I took off the colored plastic that wraps around it, as I don't believe they designed it to stay on.

The mists do a good job of circulating the room.  The scent clings in the air for a decent amount of time before dissipating.  While this aspect of it isn't anything to write home about, I am a big fan of the actual scents.  They are not fake smelling and, like I've said, they have a little kick in them.  An example is Fuji Apple and Cardomon Spice vs plain Apple Cinnamon.  Apple Cinnamon is one of my favorite scents, but the Cardomon makes it zesty!

As for the oil diffuser, I actually have a Pineapple Mangosteen one on my desk.  Which means... you also get  to see a lil of my desk!

Pineapple Mangosteen On My Desk
Click for larger!
Even though it's in the far corner of the front room, I can smell it's tropical goodness as I walk into the room at the opposite side.  Mmmm.  It's not overpowering or overly sweet, which means I can stay headache free with it this close.  I also think the wooden display case is a nice addition to my nature-y desk.

The oil diffuser is supposed to last a whole thirty days, which I can't confirm just yet, but after two weeks it's still doing a great job.  The best part about the diffuser, for me at least, is that there is no fire or electricity for children or pets to get their curious little hands on.  Safety and air permeability all wrapped in one!

This is a great line from Glade and should be on all Glade fan's to-try list.  I'm so happy I got the opportunity to try them out!


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