Thursday, June 13, 2013

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Part 1)

I have been waiting for this game to come out for three months.  I am now on day five of this game and I can wholeheartedly say it was worth the wait and the money.  I was worried that it would be just a version of Wild World with a couple new fruits, but I was wrong.  Hooray!

You ride in on a train instead of a bus.  You go through the normal questions that determine your name, gender and physical appearance... and then you get to chose the map for your town!  This... this made me ecstatic.  It seems like such a small detail but, for me, it's something that can make or break your gaming experience.  Who wants to run around and do tasks in a layout that you find displeasing?  Trying to get over that bridge and then up and around can take it all out of ya.  (When picking your map, keep in mind you can build an extra bridge or two later on in the game, okay? :) )

The first day of getting it is slow.  They kind of set the pace for you.  Well for the first few days they try to set the pace for you.  They don't stop you from grinding out those bells, but any progress on "quest lines" is carefully meted out.  You get to chose exactly where your house can be placed.  The only prerequisites are that it isn't almost in a pond or falling off a ledge.  Or, you know.  On top of someone else's house.  Unfortunately, for the first night, you get to sleep in a tent.  Awh.

The graphics and the play style are pretty much the same.  I guess the best way to describe it is that they have given you more responsibility.  I have to admit that Nintendo knows what they are doing - they don't mess with stuff they don't need to mess with.  It feels like they listen to their player/fan base to make sure they keep coming back for more.  No more insurance plans or passwords for suspicious tents...  if you don't get lucky enough to net the angry bees you get a consolation prize... stuff like that.
Animal Crossing New Leaf Mayor
Ermehgerd I'm Meryerrrr.
Buying/Selling: They streamlined this, for which I am eternally grateful.  No longer do you have to drag and drop to sell, but you can simply highlight the items you wish and hit finished. Woohoo!  Oh and uhm... Don't sell anything at Nookling Junction.  Re-Tail gives you the best prices.

Museum Donations:  Very similar to buying and selling but with one more improvement: no more prattling!  He will start to talk but catches himself if you give him one item.  If you give him multiple items he simply says thank you, he can handle it from here.  Much faster!

Animal Crossing New Leaf Museum

Chatter:  This is an important one.  I can't be the only person who got tired of everybody chattering endlessly when I just wanted to give you this damn jeweled beetle to put in your museum.  EVERYONE's Chatter is cut down considerably and they get right to the point.  No more endless introductions or pining monologues.

Flowers:  In Wild World, watering flowers kinda sucked.  It was an inexact science and you had to kinda hope you got it right.  Not anymore!  Now, when you hit the right spot, the flowers will drip with water.  Not only that... but they will sparkle until the next day so you know you got the job done.

Housing:  You have a lot more control over what the exterior of your house looks like.  Every house in your town is a little different, and it's wonderful.  Nook now owns a real estate office where you can upgrade different aspects of your house including the roof, door, mailbox and fence.

Animal Crossing New leaf House

So now you're a Mayor and the only real new thing you have to do is improve your town with building projects.... WRONG.  If you don't want to get the game because it doesn't sound like a different enough flavor of pie, I've got news for you.  There is more to life than endless fishing!  Nintendo has introduced an achievement system into the game.  You get badges that go on your player card (that other players can see).  This makes my little completionist heart flutter.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Badges

There is also a whole island of mini games and fun.  You heard me right.  MINI GAMES AND FUN.  You can earn prizes, more achievements and find items you wont see anywhere else.  Not only that, but this introduces a new activity: deep sea diving.  They let you borrow a wet suit and you can go grab some starfish and sea grapes and ehehehehe.  Hehehe.  It costs 1,000 bells to get over to the island but if you spend your time right you can make that up and more.  Just remember to put items you want to keep/sell into the box so you can get the best price at Re-Tail!

Animal Crossing New Leaf Targaryen Pattern

That's about it for now.  I'm having so much fun; I hope if you were on the fence about getting the game I've helped you make your decision!  I'll put up a part two in a month or so if I have anything new to share. :)


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