Thursday, June 27, 2013

OPI Bond Girls: Jinx and my First Time with Liquid Sand

Now, here's a funny story.  I'm a member of the Vogue Influencers Network and managed to snag a free nail polish from them.  It was supposed to be one of the polishes from the Couture De Minnie collection.

I did a little research while I waited for it to be shipped to me.  Here is a blog that has some great swatches of the polishes: All Lacquered Up Coture De Minnie. The colors are beautiful.  I was crossing my fingers for Innie Minnie Mighty Bow, but A Definite Moust-Have would have been good as well.  I'm not big on bubblegum pink or pure glitter nail polishes.  Before now I had no interest in the liquid sand nail polishes or really any of the textured nail polishes.  While Magazine Cover Mouse was a pretty color, I just wasn't looking forward to liquid sand.

Of course I happened to get the one liquid sand color out of the collection.  Sigh.

It's a very pretty color.  It looked far more coral in person than it did on All Lacquered Up's blog, but I can't deny that the coral with gold shimmer is stunning.

I realized that liquid sand is extremely easy to apply and even easier to touch up.  The super sand paper texture dulled the next morning and I no longer felt like a super-villain.  (Hehe, The Sander.)  Since it's a texture, there are no streaks, and if I get a chip I can just dab a dot of polish over it.  The problem with this, though, is that they're not made to use with a top coat.  I think this significantly lowered the life of my nail polish.  Along with the fact that I am hard on my hands, by the third day of my manicure I was missing large chunks.  It was no longer worth it to be doing touch ups.

The next challenge was actually getting the nail polish off my fingers.  I'm going to come out and say that it was a bitch.  I've had some tough manicures to remove, but it was just a manner of penetrating the layers of polish.  This nail polish fought back.  The texture tore up my cotton square to the point where I just soaked the square and left it on the nail for a few minutes before slowly swiping it off.  Some of the polish at the sides of my nails was just easier to remove with an orange stick.

With the pigment gone... I think.  Except for that spot right there... ahem, the next task was the glitter.   This took some serious swiping and hand washing to get all the way off.  You know, I've never heard of anyone else complaining this much about liquid sand polishes.  Maybe it's just me?  Maybe I'm just too lazy for this kind of thing.

Now here's the funny part.  I don't think that I even bothered to look at the bottom of the bottle until I showed my boyfriend and went to tell him the color, but couldn't remember it for the life of me.  Why would I look when it was the Liquid Sand in the collection?

Uhh... yeah.  Jinx.  Which is definitely not Magazine Cover Mouse.  It would also explain the color discrepancy.  Considering this was given to me at no cost, it's not a big issue and I'm still laughing about it.  I'm also not the only one that got Jinx.

Ah, well.  It still looks adorable on my toes. :)


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