Sunday, September 22, 2013

25th Birthday Bash

I had a birthday!  You know... over a month ago.  Almost two months ago.  Yup.  This brings me to the first part of this post:

Things I've Learned Since Turning 25!
1.  Turning 25 does not make you any less lazy.
2.  Which means you won't be any less of a procrastinator, either.
3.  Despite number 1 and 2, you can still get Achilles Tendonitis
4.  Boxers are dicks when you don't walk them enough.

I've finished a couple projects, however!  I've created a Halloween - Themed Wreathe for when the time rolls around.  I also completed a knitted sweater for le dog, and a small Game of Thrones related painting.  And some little window clings for Halloween.

The highlight of my birthday was some friends came down and hung out for it.  We had delicious foods and played the D&D Board Game.

But, before that... my wonderful other half allowed me to go to Sephora to pick up my free birthday gift.

It happened that, on that specific day, my birthday, the O.P.I nail polishes they had on clearance for half off was 3/$10. pSsshhkkEwwww. Happy Birthday to ME!

From left to right:

OPI Nail Polishes

Keys To My Hybrid - Deep Berry Magenta
Stop Stocking Me! - Deep Metallic Plum
It's Bouquet With Me - Sheer Violet With Silver and Holographic Chunky Glitter

OPI Nail Polishes

Spark-Tacular Top Coat - Multicolor and Multisized Glitter in a Clear Base
Be-Clause I Said So - Red Micro and Hexagonal Glitter in a Clear Base
Keep Me On My Mistletoes - Metallic Champagne with Gold MIcro-Glitter

I am SO happy about this mini-haul.  Kev just can't fathom why I keep getting more nail polish, and I guess I really don't know why, either, since I only go back to one or two colors.  I guess I just like having the option.

I haven't even swatched them or anything.  I really need to because they all look gorgeous.  Someone dangle a Pumpkin Spiced Latte in front of me as an incentive to get it done?  Please?!


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