Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Date Night: The Streets of Brentwood

Friday after we dropped the kids off, Kev let me know it's a good thing there was some bad traffic going back home because he was thinking of taking me to Brentwood.  Woo!

One of our favorite things to do is just browse stores.  We walked around Barnes & Noble, World Market and Pier 1 Imports.  Let me tell you.. if we had extra income I would fancy up our house.  I love all the decorations these stores have!

Walking and drooling over Peacock and Pumpkin themed decorations worked up our appetite, so we went to Johnny Carino's for dinner.  Saving up our pennies during the week so we have money to go somewhere nice once in a while is totally worth it, even if it means I break my Gluten-Free diet.

This alone was worth it.  When Kev said this was the best ever, I kinda did an "Uhuh, I love bread and oil, too.." but this is a little different.  The bread is seasoned, and the dip is first-press olive oil with roasted garlic in it.

Let me tell you.  DELICIOUS.  We probably could have just ate this as our entree!

I wanted a Caprese salad for my dinner, but I just wasn't that hungry.  He got a sampler plate that had chicken Parmesan, spaghetti and lasagna on it.  So much food!  It fed us both and we still had leftovers.  This place has good Italian food.  I'd love to go back.

To walk off all the carbs we consumed, he took me to The Streets of Brentwood.  We went at a great time; sunset!  This is the photo I had to take when we first got out of the car:

I love all the lights!  As we started walking, I realized that I didn't take the most representative part of the area in.  In  fact, these pictures don't even do it justice.

Aieeee!  Central fountain, sitting area, palm trees, lights, the sky... very beautiful, very romantic.  We decided our first stop was going to be the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  Ov. Er. Whelmed.  It took me a while to get a couple truffles, but Kev was rather persistent in his wish for a caramel apple.  They even cut it for him!

It was delicious, if challenging to eat.  It would have been even more challenging to eat if it weren't cut, obviously, but it was fun peeling back the pieces and dangling it in front of our faces.  I only managed to eat one of my truffles (they are so rich) and stored the other in the fridge when we got home.

It was such a wonderful night.  Even if we had just walked around some and sat by the fountain I would have dubbed this as one of my favorite outings with him.  We've already decided we need to plan for another outing there!



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    1. It was! The caramel was so buttery and rich. I think it's about time we go back for another. :P